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4 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, and 5 Research Assistants are employed in Nuclear Sciences Department.

Main research fields of the department are;

  • Radioecological studies, measurement and mapping of natural and artificial radionuclides in environment, the using of nuclear techniques and measurements in environmental studies (determination of soil erosion by using radioactive tracer)
  • Radiation measurements and development of counting systems
  • Applications for diagnosis and treatment of radiation
  • Dosimetric and geophysical applications of radon (the relationships betweeen radon gas and tectonic acitivity, radon emanation rate in the natural gas fields, radon gas measurements in the geothermal fields)
  • Measurement of radon gas in various medias (air, water samples, soil gas, indoor)
  • Determination of radon emanation rate (soil, rock, building material), geological radon potential, radon mapping studies
  • The use of various radiometric techniques in the investigation of radioactive minerals and the development of new methods
  • Applications of thermoluminescence dosimetry, thermoluminescence dating and optically stimulated luminescence



4 Professors, 4 Associate Professors and 2 Research Assistants are employed in Nuclear Technology Department.

Main research fields of the department are;

  • Recovery and concentration of uranium and thorium from several sources
  • Preparation and characterization of several uranium and thorium compounds
  • Development of natural, synthetic, nano and nanocomposite materials in radioactive waste management and their use as sorbents
  • Application of chemometry technique in sorption studies
  • Development and implementation of new techniques in radioactive waste management
  • Technological evaluation studies of uranium and thorium ores
  • Separation and purification studies of Rare Earth Elements



4 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 1 Teaching Assistant and 1 Research Assistant are employed in Nuclear Applications Department.

Main research fields of the department are;

  • Design of novel agents for imaging and therapy (tumor, infection, apoptosis, angiogenesis), investigation of radiopharmaceutical potentials in in vivo/in vitro at preclinical level
  • Synthesis of radionuclide labeled nanoparticles and their in vivo/in vitro applications
  • Experimental investigation of the interaction among radiopharmaceuticals and plant extract, pharmaceuticals
  • Investigation of design, imaging and therapy potentials of photodynamic therapy agents (tumor and infection) in in vivo/in vitro studies
  • Dosimetry and microdosimetry of radionuclides utilized in Nuclear Medicine
  • Design, maintenance, repair and development of nuclear spectroscopy systems
  • Medical imaging studies
  • Industrial nuclear applications
  • Stability constant calculations of actinide and lanthanide complexes and investigation of their cytotoxic effects via in vitro method

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