Çerez Örnek


Studies on the establishment of a research center on nuclear topics at Ege University started in 1959 in parallel with the establishment of the Atomic Energy Commission and the Nuclear Energy Institute of Istanbul Technical University and it was established on May 04, 1966 Radioisotope Research Center. Ege University Radioisotope Research Center between 1966-1977, under the name of Ege University Nuclear Research and Education Institute between 1977-1982 continued its studies. It was restructured under the name of Ege University Nuclear Sciences Institute on 30.03.1983 and started academic studies.

The institute has made significant progress both in education and research activities since its establishment. Since 1986, when the post-graduate education was started, 284 Masters, 108 PhD degrees of total 392 graduate students have been awarded, and 253 research projects have been completed. Currently, more than 61 post-graduate students are studying master or PhD, and 45 research projects have been carrying out.


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