Institute of Nuclear Sciences

FTIR-ATR Laboratory

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, is a technique that based on the measurement of the excitation of molecules to the vibration and rotation levels by the absorption of IR light (wavelength of 0,78 – 1000 µm or wave number of 12800 – 10 cm-1). Functional groups in the structure of the organic compounds of solid, liquid gaseous or solution form, status of the bonds in the structure, bonding spots and the aromaticity or the aliphaticity of the structure can be determined by the characterization of molecular bonds. This spectroscopic technique has advantages as obtaining rapid, accurate and effective results, without being non-destructive and without any need to detailed sample preparation. FTIR spectra can provide qualitative and quantitative data about chemical concentration, composition, conformation and functional groups.

Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) technique, makes possible to analyze materials that has a high absorptivity independent of less effort and sample thickness by providing a decrease in wavelength of absorption bands. By ATR technique, diffraction of the beam is measured instead of absorption and reflection of the beam (transmission method) by the sample. It is also very effective for the analyses of coating ingredients such as polymers, foam, textile and dye.

PERKIN ELMER SPECTRUM TWO model FTIR-ATR instrument is installed in our institute.