Institute of Nuclear Sciences

Nuclear Spectroscopy Laboratory

Distributions of the natural and artificial radionuclides originating from the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems are investigated by gamma and alpha spectrometers, and atmospheric fluxes of natural radionuclides are observed periodically in the laboratory. In addition, soil-erosion rate, dating sediments, monitoring environmental radioactivity using bio-indicators and developing nuclear spectroscopic techniques are the other study area of the laboratory.

Systems in the laboratory;

  • Gamma Spectrometer(56 cc Tennnelec HPGe Detector)
  • Scintillation Gamma Spectrometers (with 3"x3"NaI(Tl) Detectors)
  • Low Energy Scintillation GammaSpectrometer (Thin Berilium Window NaI(Tl) Detector)
  • Pressured Sample Preparation System
  • Alpha Spectrometer (Canberra Model 7401 with PIPS Detector)
  • Alpha Spectrometer (Tennelec Model TV-1, Tennelec and Ortec Silicon Surface Barrier Semi-conductor Detector)
  • Octete Alpha Spectrometer (Ortec 8 ULTRA-AS Detector)