The foundation of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences at Ege University starts in 1959 along with other similar initiatives in Turkey and the Radioisotopes Research Center was established in 1966 and continued its activities until 1977. Between 1977 and 1982, it was active as Ege University Nuclear Research and Education Institute. In 1983, it was re-established as Ege University, Institute of Nuclear Sciences.

Since 1986, when the post-graduate education was started, 240 Masters, 78 PhD degrees of total 318 graduate students have been awarded, and 210 research projects have been completed. Currently, more than 90 post-graduate students are studying master or PhD, and 45 research projects have been carrying out.

The mission of the Institute is  `to improve novel methods and techniques by following the advances in technology and science, increase qualified personal in the nuclear field, conduct postgraduate education, training and research activities for benefits of the universal science and society.’

The vision of the Institute is ‘to be a pioneer among organizations that offer education in the fields of nuclear sciences, technologies and applications in Turkey,  generate a laboratories chain that will contribute to the regional and national organizations, achieve a level to compete with similar institutions abroad.’

The Institute of Nuclear Sciences is carried out education and research activities, in three main departments as Nuclear Science, Nuclear Technology and Nuclear Applications, with 34 academic staff and 15 administrative personnel in order to achieve targets set in its mission and vision.

The language of instruction is Turkish

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